Jim and Jen's trip pictures


New York City, NY (Sept 2002)


Trip to LA and Los Cabos
(Los Angeles, CA; Hollywood, CA; Los Cabos, Mexico) [Feb 2003]
Navy Pier (Chicago, IL) [April 2003]


Wedding Pictures [4/17/2004]
More Wedding Pictures [4/17/2004]
Honeymoon trip (Key West, FL; Nassau, Bahamas; Cocoa Cay) [April 2004]

Indy 500 Time Trials (Indianapolis, IN) [May 2005]
Oregon Trip
(Portland, OR; Bend, OR; Crater Lake, OR; Depoe Bay, OR) [2005]


Indy 500 Time Trials (Indianpolis, IN) [May 2006]
Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Ontario [June 2006]
New England (Boston, Maine, Cape Cod) [Aug 2006]
OSU vs. MN game (Columbus, OH) [10/30/06]
Cleveland (Cleveland, OH) [Nov 06]
St Louis (St Louis, MO) [Nov 06]


Washington DC [Apr 2007]
Baltimore, MD [Apr 2007]
Antietam National Battlefield (Sharpsburg, MD) [Apr 2007]
Indy 500 Time Trials (Indianpolis, IN) [May 2007]
OSU vs. Youngstown State game (Columbus, OH) [Sep 2007]
New York, NY [Nov 2007]
OSU vs. NorthWestern game (Columbus, OH) [Sep 2007]
Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL) [Dec 2007]
Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, FL) [Dec 2007]


Roadtrip to Noble County:
Big Muskie Bucket, Miners Park,
Shenandoah crash site (Noble County, OH) [Feb 2008]
US Air Force Museum (Dayton, OH) [Feb 2008]
Franklin Park Conservatory (Columbus, OH) [Feb 2008]
NASA Glenn Research Center - Plum Brook Station (Sandusky, OH) [May 2008]
Trips to Eastern Ohio
Athens (Cemetary and OU), Village of Cheshire, Longaberger, Newark, Logan
Northern Ohio (Put In Bay, etc)
OSU vs. Youngstown Game [August 2008]
Mason Montgommery Scenic Train [September 2008]
OSU vs. Michigan Game [December 2008]
OSU Graduation [December 2008]
RCL Cruise to Cozumel & Belize [December 2008]


Pittsburgh, PA [February 2009]
Indianapolis 500 Time Trials [May 2009]
Put in Bay, OH [June 2009]
Detroit/Michigan [July 2009]
2009 Dayton Air Show [July 2009]
Trip to Western National Parks [October 2009]


STS-132 Shuttle Launch, Disney World [May 2010]